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Hope blossoms were conceived of a need to share Hope in 2020- and these colorful, creative hope blossoms were born. Each blossom is unique, individually handmade by Carolyn, and each blossom holds individually painted icons such as flowers, hearts, watercolor circles, stickers, washi tape, and a phrase or two of encouragement, i.e., “Follow your dreams” “You are Unique.” Some stems will have handpainted leaves or words, or stickers, all will have approximately 8 additional items in a unifying color palette. Perfect for gifts, happy mail, retreats and gathering, birthdays- anything to add a little hope!


Sold in sets of 5 up to 100.

Set of 5: $12 

Set of 10: $20

For orders over 10, please allow 5 business days for creation to specification. 

Hope Blossoms

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